what happened to 2014?!

So it is 2015, great, there is a lot to look forward to and I am grateful to have made it through another year but… What happened to 2014? I vaguely remember July because I went back to work after finishing maternity leave and I remember September because it was the Scottish independence referendum – we did not get it, this time – but the rest of the months seem to have vanished in my timeline?! My gran used to say when you notice the time going quickly it means you are old, she also said you are old when the policemen and women look like they are 12. However, she also told me to eat my bread crusts as they would put hair on my chest, that is not appealing even at age 7 so I would not put too much faith in her theories. Perhaps I was abducted by aliens on certain months but I think someone would have noticed and of course there must be easier ways to study humanity. Baby brain? Hmm don’t think I can get away with that one more than a year on although that excuse had got me out of many many things so I am reluctant to give it up! So I am blaming my brain cells and have decided to study something this year to improve my bain capacity, not sure what yet. Ooh I could be the next nasa engineer, or a brain surgeon, or maybe a famous detective, I am tired already, think I will refresh my french via car cd in time for our trip to france in the summer, might also do a puzzle or two, ah yes I feel much better, 2015 here I come.


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