up on the roof

I came across a photo of my brothers and I the other day, not so unusual as we were photographed together often, only this time we were about 8-11yrs old and sitting on the roof of the cottage we lived in at the time! I had completely forgotten about us doing that. Dad needed to re roofing the cottage and we listened to the shipping forecast to keep up to date with the weather to make sure it would stay ok long enough for him to complete. We lived on an island in the atlantic ocean so the usual forecasts were not acurate for where we lived. The mainland could have rain and we would be on the beach enjoying the sun, or vice versa! So the shipping forecast said ‘fair for 3 days’ so Dad got started… Two days later and half the roof to go, the shipping report was rain, rain and winds. Dad did the logical thing, call in some help. Except we lived on an island with a small total population so Dad’s reinforcements were my brothers and I… We had a great time, sitting up on the roof in shifts, handing Dad things, sitting on things to keep them held down while Dad fixed them and generally breaking every child heath and safety guideline possible! When people ask me about fond childhood memories of my parents, I usually talk about more ‘normal’ examples such as holidays where we camped out the back of a transit van, hiked up hills and cooked dinner on the beach but in my head I think of examples like the roofing one above and have a little laugh to myself…I love you Mum and Dad and the amazing childhood you gave me.


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