What, the duck

For part of my childhood, we lived on a small holding farm in Wales. Goats mainly, some chickens, pigs, sheep and some ducks (not to mention dogs, cats, fish and hamsters!) With four children, my Mum must have got fed up of hearing ‘Mum, do you know what?’ so one day she announced that she had named one of the ducks ‘What’. We looked at her as if to say, ‘fair enough but not sure why?’. The ‘why’ became clear the next time one of asked ‘Mum, do you know what’… You can guess what is coming… ‘yes’ replied Mum ‘he’s a little white duck’. It was really funny for a day or two then began to irritate,much to the amusement of Mum. So, skip to last week and I found myself answering my eldest son’s ‘do you know what Mummy?’ question with ‘yes, he’s a little white duck! Before I even thought about it, it was coming out of my mouth. He looked at me confused and said A duck? So although What is long gone, it seems his legend is destined to live on, as I tell his story… however, there is a problem… Apparently, my childhood habit also lives on so the next time I said to my son ‘do you know what?’ guess what he replied…


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