What, the duck

For part of my childhood, we lived on a small holding farm in Wales. Goats mainly, some chickens, pigs, sheep and some ducks (not to mention dogs, cats, fish and hamsters!) With four children, my Mum must have got fed up of hearing ‘Mum, do you know what?’ so one day she announced that she had named one of the ducks ‘What’. We looked at her as if to say, ‘fair enough but not sure why?’. The ‘why’ became clear the next time one of asked ‘Mum, do you know what’… You can guess what is coming… ‘yes’ replied Mum ‘he’s a little white duck’. It was really funny for a day or two then began to irritate,much to the amusement of Mum. So, skip to last week and I found myself answering my eldest son’s ‘do you know what Mummy?’ question with ‘yes, he’s a little white duck! Before I even thought about it, it was coming out of my mouth. He looked at me confused and said A duck? So although What is long gone, it seems his legend is destined to live on, as I tell his story… however, there is a problem… Apparently, my childhood habit also lives on so the next time I said to my son ‘do you know what?’ guess what he replied…


up on the roof

I came across a photo of my brothers and I the other day, not so unusual as we were photographed together often, only this time we were about 8-11yrs old and sitting on the roof of the cottage we lived in at the time! I had completely forgotten about us doing that. Dad needed to re roofing the cottage and we listened to the shipping forecast to keep up to date with the weather to make sure it would stay ok long enough for him to complete. We lived on an island in the atlantic ocean so the usual forecasts were not acurate for where we lived. The mainland could have rain and we would be on the beach enjoying the sun, or vice versa! So the shipping forecast said ‘fair for 3 days’ so Dad got started… Two days later and half the roof to go, the shipping report was rain, rain and winds. Dad did the logical thing, call in some help. Except we lived on an island with a small total population so Dad’s reinforcements were my brothers and I… We had a great time, sitting up on the roof in shifts, handing Dad things, sitting on things to keep them held down while Dad fixed them and generally breaking every child heath and safety guideline possible! When people ask me about fond childhood memories of my parents, I usually talk about more ‘normal’ examples such as holidays where we camped out the back of a transit van, hiked up hills and cooked dinner on the beach but in my head I think of examples like the roofing one above and have a little laugh to myself…I love you Mum and Dad and the amazing childhood you gave me.


what happened to 2014?!

So it is 2015, great, there is a lot to look forward to and I am grateful to have made it through another year but… What happened to 2014? I vaguely remember July because I went back to work after finishing maternity leave and I remember September because it was the Scottish independence referendum – we did not get it, this time – but the rest of the months seem to have vanished in my timeline?! My gran used to say when you notice the time going quickly it means you are old, she also said you are old when the policemen and women look like they are 12. However, she also told me to eat my bread crusts as they would put hair on my chest, that is not appealing even at age 7 so I would not put too much faith in her theories. Perhaps I was abducted by aliens on certain months but I think someone would have noticed and of course there must be easier ways to study humanity. Baby brain? Hmm don’t think I can get away with that one more than a year on although that excuse had got me out of many many things so I am reluctant to give it up! So I am blaming my brain cells and have decided to study something this year to improve my bain capacity, not sure what yet. Ooh I could be the next nasa engineer, or a brain surgeon, or maybe a famous detective, I am tired already, think I will refresh my french via car cd in time for our trip to france in the summer, might also do a puzzle or two, ah yes I feel much better, 2015 here I come.


and so it begins…

I have been inspired to start a blog by an amazingly brave, beautiful and funny lady known as ‘carriewords’. I am proud to know her and grateful to be able to call her a friend.

I have no idea of what I will blog about or if anyone will read it but perhaps centuries from now students will be studying primitive forms of communication and my blogs will be studied under the category ‘and now the crazy ones’, that is my hope anyway, ha ha.

At the time of writing this, my first blog, I am in my thirties, have a wonderful husband, two amazing children and a whole heap of fantastic friends and family. I am a civil servant in Scotland and we are just a few weeks before the Independence referendum. I love to travel, eat, drink wine, learn new things and spend time with the people I love. So if this has not put you off so far, keep reading and you will find that the path I travelled to get here was not so usual and the life I live is not so ordinary.

A wise man once said ‘ in twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did do’ (Mark Twain). Without knowing it, this is how I have lived my life so far.